Corot Industrial Workshop and kick-off

Thursday 7th September 2017
Venue (Workshop): Edinburgh Room, Queen Anne Court Room 075
Venue (Project Kick-off): Queen Anne Court Council Room (QA063)
University of Greenwich, Greenwich Campus
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The CoRoT partners invite you to participate in the official kick-off of the project and attend the first industrial workshop.  This will take place in Greenwich, UK, on September 7, 2017 and is organised within the frame of the 15e international conference on manufacturing research ( The industrial workshop will take place in the afternoon and will be followed by the official kick-off of the CoRoT project. Participation is free but you have to register via the following link:

The CoRoT ((CoRoT – Improving the design of flexible and responsive manufacturing systems involving autonomous and Collaborative RoboTs) project has been approved in December 2016 by the France Channel England Interreg programme and was given a start early 2017. The consortium gathers academic and industrial players:

  • Academics: CESI (LINEACT) – lead partner, ESIGELEC (IRSEEM), University of Le Havre (GREAH), Universities of Greenwich and Exeter
  • Companies: BA Systèmes (SME, AGV manufacturer), Autofina (Startup, robotic arm manufacturer), CERI (SME, robotics solution integrator and end-user).

12:00: Arrival and lunch (Queen Anne Court Room 075)
13:30: Session 1 (Edinburgh Room QA075): AGV and mobile robotics
Leader: BAS
Supporting partners: ESIGELEC and CESI
14:30: Session 2 (Edinburgh Room QA075): Low cost robotic arm and cobotic
Leader: Autofina
Supporting partner: UoH
15:30: Session 3 (Edinburgh Room QA075): Automation and flexible manufacturing systems
Leader: CERI
Supporting partners: CESI, UoG, UoE
16:30: Workshop close
17:00 – 19:30: Project kick-off (Queen Anne Council Room – QA063)

Corot Project
Within the frame of the Factory of the Future (Smart Specialisation Strategy Manufacturing), this project aims at improving the competitiveness of the manufacturing companies, notably SMEs, in providing them with innovative technology solutions (service robots) and digital tools for flexible manufacturing systems and the associated knowledge. CoRoT will also reinforce the transfer between universities and industry in the France Channel England (FCE) area. To achieve these objectives research institutions (CESI, ESIGELEC, Universities of Le Havre, Greenwich, Exeter) will innovate with SMEs technology providers and integrators (BA Systèmes, AUTOFINA…) to meet SMEs end-users needs (Ford and its suppliers – MJ Allen, Yeo Valley and the members of industrial clusters and networks).

Since 2008, the average productivity of SMEs has dropped by 2% in France and 12% in the UK (Coop. progr. p.6) respectively due to the fierce cost competition from emerging economies. Recent reports on the trends of manufacturing in Europe show that digital tools and flexible manufacturing systems (FMS) involving autonomous robots are key technologies for reconfigurable and responsive factories, which can boost manufacturing productivity (up to 30% expected).
For SMEs, due to large variance in volume, small series and reduced time delay, the EU Business Innovation indicated that automation and connected mobile robot platforms in flexible manufacturing systems is an innovative solution to tackle these challenges. These solutions are at the core of the CoRoT project and will be achieved via B2B meetings and training workshops and by investigating new opportunities for the mobile robots market (inspection and supervision…).

Global budget: m€ 3,9
Duration: 42 months

 CoRot has been approved by the French competitive cluster NOVALOG and is partly funded by ERDF funds via the France Channel England Interreg programme.