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Handbook of Research on E-Learning Standards and Interoperability: Framework and Issues

  • Auteurs : B. Blandin F. Lazarinis CESI LINEACT, G. Frank S. Green RTI Technology Assisted Learning Centre, S. Laughton H. Pearson University of Toronto, Canada Missisauga Library, K. Hirata Toyo University, Japan -
  • Chapitre : Chapitre 5 - Interoperability issues for systems managing competency information, 1 août 2010
  • Mots clés : E-Learning Standards; Competency representation; interoperability

This chapter has four sections. The first one describes how the needs for interoperability in exchanging competency information have been addressed so far. The second part adopts a “Digital Services Supply Chain” approach and discusses the issues related to the exchange of competency information across systems regarding this approach. The third part is the core part of this chapter. It describes the 4 levels of the proposed approach: the Conceptual Reference Model
(CRM), the Semantic Model, the Information Model and the Data Model. The final section presents the research directions currently envisaged, and the research programme needed to
make the proposed approach operational.

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