Communications avec actes dans un congrès international

Inoovas – Industrial Ontology forOperation in Virtual and Augmented Scene: the architecture

  • Auteurs : V. Havard CESI LINEACT, B. Jeanne CESI LINEACT, X. Savatier ESIGELEC IRSEEM, D. Baudry CESI LINEACT
  • Conférence : Control Decision and Information Technology, 5 avril 2017
  • Ville : Barcelone (Espagne)
  • Mots clés : Ontology; Modeling; Operation & Maintenance; Augmented reality; Virtual reality

Digitalization of industry brings new usage perspectives of digital tools as Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR). How-ever there is still open issue for integrating their usage into infor-mation system workflow of the industry. Therefore the paper proposes a workflow and an ontology based on the collaborators’ skills to allow the creation of AR and VR operation guide instead of paper one. The paper gives an example based on the proposed ontology.