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Model-based strategy for grasping 3D deformable objects using a multi-fingered robotic hand

  • Auteurs : L. ZAIDI Institut Pascal Institut Pascal
  • Journal : Robotics and Autonomous Systems, 20 août 2016
  • Mots clés : dexterous manipulation, deformable objects, tactile sensors, multi-fingered robotic hands

This paper presents a model-based strategy for 3D deformable object manipulation using a multi-fingered robotic hand. The developed contact model is based on two force components (normal force and tangential friction force, including slipping and sticking effects) and uses a non-linear mass-spring system
to describe the object deformations due the mechanical load applied by the fingers of the robotic hand. The object-finger interaction is simulated in order to compute the required contact forces and deformations to robustly grasp objects with large deformations. Our approach is able to achieve this by using a nonlinear model that outperforms current techniques that are limited to using linear models. The contact forces are then applied in real experiments in order to grasp several deformable objects. This grasping strategy and the proposed
contact model are validated with a multi-fingered robotic hand equipped with tactile sensors.